Susman & Associates (S&A) Ltd was registered in September 2013, as a consultancy firm, providing advisory services in economic, financial and management matters. It also seeks to enhance the link between public policy and private sector response and to help to achieve greater efficiency in overall public sector management. Since its establishment, S & A has exhibited a high degree of professionalism in its approach to business and development services. S & A operates with a tightly knit group of professionals, with many years of experience in senior positions in both the public and private sectors. S & A also has great experience in long-medium term planning, as well as monitoring and evaluation. It has, in addition, deployed exemplary management and best information technology systems as vehicles for achieving the results expected by our clients. S & A has quickly transformed to become a complete, multi-disciplinary company, offering our Clients the specialist, individual attention and solutions required by an ever-changing project and program management environment. We value teamwork on every project as the key success element, while ensuring efficient and regular communication with all stakeholders, at all levels.


Our Mission is to offer excellent services by deploying best in class systems, methodologies and processes in each of our professional areas of competence, developing our team and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our public, CSO and private sector clients and enhancing their performance and delivery. To deploy best in class systems, methodologies and processes in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our public and private sector clients and enhance their performance and delivery


Our vision is to offer a broad spectrum of specialist economic, business, financial and project management services, through a highly professional and multidisciplinary team. Enhancing better understanding, cooperation and synergy between the public and private sectors so as to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of both


Banking & Finance

Community Engagement

Communications & Marketing

Environmental Development

Grant Management


Information Technology



To be the Consultant of choice in the delivery of economic, business, financial, management advisory services, and also programme formulation, implementation and project execution.
SUSMAN & Associates Ltd sees teamwork on every project as the key ingredient of success. We provide efficient, professional services, while ensuring effective communication with all stakeholders. We always strive to exceed our Client’s expectations.
Our reputation for excellence is maintained through efficient, prompt and accurate service delivery. Our core values are: Integrity; Professionalism; Innovation; Teamwork; and Client focus
SUSMAN & Associates is a capable, reputable and dedicated multi-disciplinary management consultancy company. We are competent and experienced; we have teams that always strive to exceed our client’s expectations. We are available to be of service to select prospective clients in the private, civil society, professional and public sectors